Part 3 ~ “Building and Engaging Your Audience on Facebook”

Part 3 of this 3 part series looks at how to go about creating a very engaged and loyal audience. The average Facebook “Fan Page” has an engagement rate of 2% … 2%! Michael will show you how you can dramatically increase that number. Find out how, what and when to post and the impact of Facebook’s “EdgeRank” on your success.

In this 3 part series Michael will share why your business should embrace these social platforms, how to build a business Facebook page and how to build an engaged audience.

Michael started “My North Langley” with good friend Tyler McClendon in April of 2011. This hyper local “community” exists on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. “My North Langley” has been nominated for a Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award.

Michael believes that our society is living through the largest culture shift of our times and sees enormous opportunity for small businesses on platforms such as Facebook. Though not a social media “guru”, Michael has been asked to present to numerous business groups over the past year and share his insights to the success of “My North Langley”.

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