Episode #24: Mobile Agent TV ~ Tim Schmoyer

Our guest is Tim Schmoyer who is a YouTube expert and the author of “The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience“.

Tim has learned a lot about content creation and audience development on YouTube, and apparently a few other people thought so, too. For the past couple years he has produced and hosted two weekly shows for the ReelSEO’s YouTube channel, written YouTube audits for national cable networks, grew several people’s YouTube channels to more than double their monthly subscriber rate, and has developed detailed video strategies for multi-million dollar companies.

In January 2013 Tim launched Video Creators to “help digital leaders effectively communicate their message through online video so it changes the lives of those who hear it.” This website and YouTube channel isn’t just about Tim — it’s about training and resourcing you to successfully identify your message and spread it using online video.

YouTube Advertiser Playbook

YouTube Creator Playbook

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