Episode #26: Mobile Agent Radio ~ Travis Robertson

The “message” in this episode will likely determine whether your business will “Thrive or Wither” in the coming years!

“Our guest is Travis Robertson who is a highly sought-after real estate business coach, trainer and national speaker.

Travis has been educating, entertaining and motivating audiences on the topics of the Millennial Generation (a.k.a. “Gen Y”), high-performance marketing, business development, powerful and sustainable growth, team performance and leadership for close to a decade.

Travis’ background in marketing, technology and leadership development helped him hone his skills as an expert trend-spotter within the real estate industry, and his expertise is solicited by some of the most progressive organizations in the nation. His innate understanding of the generational challenges faced by agents and brokers, as well as his extensive grasp of technological advances and how they’re transforming the industry, have earned him an unparalleled reputation.”

Here are the details for Travis’ “Chicago Ignite” | October 29-30, 2013

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