Episode #38: Mobile Agent Radio ~ Socialme™

On this episode of “Mobile Agent TV” we were scheduled talk with Scott Rohrig, who is the Senior Director of Global Sales for Socialme™ which is a revolutionary new communications tool developed exclusively for RE/MAX agents.

Due to a technical issue Scott was unable to join us “Live”. We still talked about the power os Social Media and the opportunities that Socialme™ provides and were able to ask Scott questions through Facebook.

Socialme™ enables realtors to spend time where it matters most, with clients! Their team of real estate experts research and develop authentic, relevant content that prospective buyers and sellers want to read. This original content is then automatically posted directly to Facebook and Twitter accounts daily, freeing up your time to spend with your clients.

We also spent some time talking about video, CRMs, RE/MAX KickStart, RE/MAX R4 and some of the exciting things we have planned for the show in 2014.

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