Episode #75: Mobile Agent Radio ~ “Ratings and Reviews”

In this episode we take a look at how “Ratings and Reviews” will impact the real estate industry.

The follow is an excerpt from the book “Game Changers” …
“Ratings and reviews will have a growing and potentially negative, impact on many agents. In contrast, a large benefit will accrue to a small number of agents – generally, Internet-savvy high producers. How the incumbents adopt this change – and who provides ratings and reviews – could reshape the industry.”

Two of our favourite guests returned to discuss “Ratings and Reviews” in a roundtable format. We are joined by the Director of Training at RE/MAX INTEGRA, Valerie Garcia and BombBomb’s CMO Ethan Beute.

There’s no doubt “Ratings and Reviews” will have a big impact on our industry. We discussed what agents should be doing to ensure this industry shift will have a positive impact on their business.

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