Episode #84: Mobile Agent TV ~ Top 10 Evernote Pro Tips for REALTORS®

TOP 10 Evernote Pro Tips

Our guest is Stacey Harmon who is an Evernote Ambassador and co-author of “Untethered with Evernote”. She is Principal of Harmon Enterprises, and is dedicated to helping professionals get digitally organized and effective.

Stacey shared with us her “Top 10 Evernote Pro Tips for REALTORS®”.

Links from the show …
Tip #1: Have the right tools and the right setup on Evernote and its companion apps
Tip #2: Do It: Upgrade to Premium
Resources: Key Features Comparison
Tip #6: Enable Instant Note Creation on Your Phone
Resources: Android Info and iOS Info
Tip #8: Advanced Syntax Search Resource
Tip #9: Keyboard Shortcuts Shave Time
Resources: Windows and Mac

Free Evernote Training Videos
Evernote for Real Estate Resources

Website: www.HarmonEnterprises.com

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