Episode #98: Mobile Agent TV ~ Leigh Brown’s Outrageous Authenticity

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Season 4 of Mobile Agent TV kicks off with Leigh Brown of RE/MAX Executive Realty and her Outrageous Authenticity.

You’ll find the word “Authenticity” listed in hundreds of blogs as one of the most overused words in today’s business world. I think because it’s an easy thing to say, yet much harder to achieve.

Leigh has written a fantastically entertaining book entitled “Outrageous Authenticity”.

Here’s one of my favourite snippets from the book …

“An outrageously authentic salesperson sells more product and gets more repeat business because he or she creates real, honest connections with consumers. That’s because you truly believe in the product and company that you represent—and you aren’t afraid to give your honest opinion to customers.

When that happens, your sales numbers shoot through the roof, because your customers—now loyal, raving fans—know that they can trust your outrageously authentic guidance in helping them make purchasing decisions.

This is the way sales should be.”

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